Mary Keane's Epilepsy Research

Help fund promising treatments for medication-resistant epilepsy.

About the Fund

At Rush University Medical Center Mary received outstanding care for many years of her short life. She was lucky to have Marvin A. Rossi, MD Ph.D. as one of the numerous skilled workers who cared for her in her time at Rush. Dr. Rossi is a board-certified neurologist and fellowship-trained epileptologist. He has his doctorate in Molecular Biophysics and Physiology as well as 20 years of experience within regional epilepsy centers in the basic neurosciences, and clinical neuroscience research.  

All donations through this site and in Mary Keane's name support Rush University and Dr. Rossi's translational research initiative. The initiative's objective is to develop neurovisualization techniques and targeted nano-control neural interfaces. Such technologies are aimed at repairing pathology in epilepsy and primary brain cancer. 

In honor of Mary Keane, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Dr. Rossi's Nanotechnology Translational Research Initiative at Rush University.