All Alumni Weekend

Make a gift to support RUSH University students in honor of All Alumni Weekend by Dec. 31.

All Alumni Weekend

Please join us on Oct. 21-22 in Chicago for our All Alumni Weekend and RUSH University 50th Anniversary celebration! This year we encourage alumni from all the colleges to contribute to our priority funds. Gifts of all sizes make a huge difference and will be combined to directly support RUSH University students and the amazing faculty preparing the next generation of health care leaders. Learn more below about the immediate impact you can have by making a gift to one of our priority funds today. 

RUSH University College of Nursing:

Donations to the RUSH Nurses’ Alumni Fund directly benefit current nursing students and the faculty who are actively preparing the next generation of nursing leaders by providing opportunities for education, leadership, research, advocacy, networking and the advancement of evidence-based care.

College of Health Sciences at RUSH University:

Donations to the College of Health Sciences Scholarship Fund provide much-needed financial assistance to the most deserving students across all the college’s programs. Gifts, large and small, are combined to help provide scholarship support to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend RUSH.

Graduate College at RUSH University:

Donations to the RU Graduate College Professional Development Fund provide opportunities for students to enhance their educational and laboratory experiences, including thesis and dissertation research, attending conferences and participating in professional development activities.

RUSH Medical College:

Donations to the RMC Alumni Student Success Fund help to fund tangible tools for students, such as M1 white coats, stethoscopes and textbooks, as well as providing hands-on learning opportunities, such as summer research fellowships and global health trips, to advance their studies, explore their interests and gain clinical experience.

RUSH Medical College classes that have their own RMC Class Scholarships are also encouraged to give to this priority area. With the rising cost of tuition, gifts to these funds are used to help provide much-needed financial assistance to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend RUSH and pursue a career in medicine.


Please note: Any gift made to RUSH University outside of these priority areas will still count toward overall All Alumni Weekend and reunion giving fundraising goals. 

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